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Bill Roundup: Enhancing School Security

Three bills were introduced into the Senate Education Committee (SED) on Thursday, June 9th. As written, S812 “Allows DOE to postpone New Jersey Quality Single Accountability Continuum in certain circumstances;” the circumstances identified are when “a school or schools of the district have been damaged, destroyed, or lost as a result of a disaster or a hazardous weather event.” This bill is sponsored by Sen. Gordon M. Johnson (Dem-37) and Sen. Andrew Zwicker (Dem-16).

The other two bills propose rules to enhance school security. S2815 looks to require school districts to create more robust communication systems for cases of emergency and S2816 “Requires DOE to establish online school security resource clearinghouse” where school districts will submit resources they possess for times of emergency. The purpose of the clearinghouse is for districts to be able to see what resources are available through nearby districts in cases of emergency.

None of these bills gained a Criticality Rating, which designates bills that would would work toward an equitable, anti-racist, anti-oppressive transformation of society.

See an overview of all bills introduced into the NJ Legislature’s education committees on JWLLC’s Critical Bill Monitor page.

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